Responsibility & commitment

Since 2018 and the adoption of the Loi Pacte, the company has taken on an unprecedented social function, which it must take ownership of and embody through its manager. By choosing its raison d'être, the company widens the range of possibilities in terms of responsibility and commitments. The affirmation of its strategic positioning now results in the need to seize new areas of expression as well as actions, in order to extend its raison d'être through a unique and differentiating societal impact program.

Our platform in le Parisien

The program Impact Up


A company that generates wealth without generating human, societal, environmental and territorial value cannot emerge positively in the public debate of the 21st century.

The raison d'être of a company, and much more the commitments which emanate from it, represent a crucial stake. They are simultaneously a vehicle for positive visibility in public debate, a lever for internal policy and the keystone of a strengthened dialogue with a new institutional ecosystem.

The Impact Up program should allow companies to

Realize their raison d'être through a commitment platform that replaces the logic of "compliance" with a desire for long-term impact and a differentiating societal commitment.

Design a dynamic and sustainable engagement platform, which can then be expressed through three visions of long-term (25 years), medium-term (15 years) and short-term (5 years) impact.

Train teams with this commitment, to make it internally a structuring element of culture and externally the brand asset likely to attract talent.

Federate an ecosystem of associative, institutional and business partners in the same sector, allied with the company around a common cause, collective interest.

Generate visibility and notoriety for the company through an annual impact measure that can be replicated by other players in the sector.

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Our approach

The WEMEAN teams offer a platform of commitments for companies stemming from the raison d'être, underpinned by strong convictions and broken down into societal and political commitments.


To bring about the systemic change that our societies need, the company must now combine economic, social and environmental performance, by involving its employees in this dynamic.


It is by acting without seeking immediate benefits but by mobilizing around inspiring and long-term convictions that companies will be perceived as responsible and committed actors.


Companies must organize the coexistence of financial, social and environmental performance, seek to renovate their model, to become themselves actors of the transformation of society.