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Senior Consultant

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Marie Palasi

Meaning Advisor

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Mission assistant

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Senior Consultant



Johan Gautier
CEO toguna, Concertation
Eliott Siegler
CEO AmazingContent, Social Media
Nicolas Trouvé

Co-founding partner CiLab, Public affairs

Raphaël Zarader

Co-founding partner CiLab, Public affairs

Thomas Jeanneney

Director Pixel Alliance, Digital Strategy



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Who we are

Our team today is made up of talents and experts with diverse and complementary experiences, who all share the same values, the same culture and the same commitment to the changes in the world.

After more than 15 years advising companies and their managers on their communication and influence strategy, WEMEAN was born from a common ambition: to create meaning and give impact to their action in a critical society awaiting '' committed, transparent and responsible leadership.


Maéva Laronce – Consultant

Maéva LARONCE is specialized on legislatives issues and public affairs reglementary. Learning from previous career experience in a parliamentary environment and then in a company, Maéva owns an excellent an excellent understanding of the French system of public and administrative institutions and an easy grasp of political issues.

As a consultant at FTI Consulting, she was able to work on digital issues and advise clients on health issues. Sensitive to the co-construction of projects between private actors and public authorities, Maéva joined Wemean in order to give meaning to public affairs strategies and position her clients as true partners of public decision-makers.

Sophie Chassat – Partner

Specialist in cultures and business issues of organizations, companies and brands, Sophie CHASSAT has been advising them for over 10 years.

After having created and developed the Verbal Identity department (dedicated to the language of companies and brands) within the Angie communication agency, she founded her own advisory structure - INTIKKA - on the challenges of business philosophies and Mark. She is a member of the board of directors of the LVMH group as well as that of Le Coq Sportif.

Guilhaume Jean – Manager

Guilhaume JEAN is a specialist in public affairs strategies. Throughout his career, as a Parliamentary Collaborator, Advisor in an elected office and then within the Public Affairs Department of Groupe ADP, he was responsible for developing communication strategies and institutional influence.

He specializes in writing speeches, feeding thought leadership, political, parliamentary and digital analysis and monitoring missions as well as activating organizations' institutional and territorial ecosystems.

Guillaume Jubin – Partner

From the start of his professional career, Guillaume JUBIN joined the consulting sector with managers. In addition to the implementation and management of their communication strategies, he has been called upon to manage in recent years numerous crisis management, media, political and social missions for private and public companies as well as strategic missions to support change and transformation.

Attached to the transmission and discussion of communication knowledge, he is a Lecturer at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, where he teaches at the School of Management and Innovation as well as at the School of Public Affairs.

Thomas Jeanneney – Expert in digital strategy and branding

Thomas spent the first part of his career in New York as Head of Sales & Marketing in a startup. In charge of digital marketing, he brings online sales from 0% to 40% of total turnover in 3 years. In charge of development, he brings the new profit centers from 20% to 34% of total turnover in 3 years in a context of strong growth in activity.

Passionate about philosophy, politics, technological developments and their consequences for economic players and society, he returned to the world of consulting in 2018 and created his own consulting structure with an approach based on analysis semantics (Codex). He has been supporting WEMEAN since 2018 with the aim of developing his fingerprint and innovative approaches across all of his expertise.

Frédéric Latrobe – Partner

Frédéric LATROBE began his professional career as a journalist, taking editorial responsibility for society broadcasts on radio and television before becoming head of the political service of a national news radio station. By then making the choice of advice to managers, he decides to put his mastery of communication strategies, influence and management of public debate at the service of companies, relying in particular on his in-depth knowledge of media practices, effects of opinion and information techniques, in connection with the traditional missions of communication consulting.

With more than 15 years of consulting experience alongside the leaders of large public or private companies, he has developed expertise and experience in the design and management of communication strategies, press relations, management of crises and event strategies.

Clément Reyne – Partner

Clément REYNE was a communications and press advisor to several ministers before accompanying business and Comex managers.

Expert in public relations, media relations, influence and crisis communication, he also works on defining the raison d'être of companies. He relies on a detailed knowledge of the decision-making circuits and the mode of operation of the public sphere, large companies and intermediary bodies. Committed to thinking about governance, he is a member of the High Council of Transparency International France. He is a knight of the Academic Palms.

Augustin Doutreluingne - Senior Consultant

Before joining WeMean, Augustin DOUTRELUINGNE began his career as an account manager in a large French industrial group where he experienced the efficiency of a good and strong purpose.

He then turned himself to the world of media, working for a pure-player where he held positions as a journalist and editor-in-chief.

On the strength of his experience and nurtured by his academic background both in humanities and social sciences, he is specialized on communication strategy, influence and crisis management, as well as on purpose definition and positioning.


Marie Palasi - Meaning Advisor

In 2020, Marie Palasi joined WEMEAN as Meaning Advisor. Literary, in love with words, she is convinced that the purpose allows companies to express long-term choices, to state the constraints they choose to endure and to resonate with society.

This conviction is not only intellectual: her voluntary commitment in Peru to a social structure for deprived children was a decisive field experience that made her understand the importance of an operational translation of a declared commitment.

Thanks to her international experience, her research on transhumanism and on the stakes of technology, she is more than ever aware of the issues companies face today and their imperatives of visibility, legitimacy and impact