Purpose is not a mere tagline or marketing campaign; it is a company’s fundamental reason for being – what it does every day to create value for its stakeholders.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock



Creating meaning and giving impact to the words and actions of business leaders in society


Leadership Communication

Today’s business leaders must be the ambassadors and guarantors of their companies’ purpose. They must advocate a worldview that gives meaning and impact to their words and actions. They must be able to see beyond their companies’ sole interests, and contribute to the betterment of our society in their own way. Corporate purpose never arises from marketing, communication, or advertising initiatives: it must emerge from the company’s collective DNA: its history, values and identity.

We believe that business leaders nowadays have a responsibility towards society. They must be committed to the common good.




We work hand in hand with CEOs in order to assert their leadership through communication strategies that create meaning and impact. We help companies position themselves within society to better address its new challenges and expectations.


Purpose & Positioning

Because a company’s purpose is its main asset. It’s the principle by which it exists, acts, generates impact and attracts the best talents.

- Purpose

- Positioning

- Story-making


Public Affairs & Regulation

Because companies need to defend their positions before public authorities, by matching citizens’ and representatives’ expectations in terms of expertise and transparency.

- European, national and local institutional relations

- Legislative, regulatory and emergency lobbying

- Transparency, compliance and best practices

Communication de Crise.png

Crisis Management

Because the best management of complex situations and communication crises relies on the capacity to show good understanding of society’s expectations.

- Judiciary communication

- Crisis communication

- HR communication

Reputation et Influence

Reputation & Influence

Because nowadays, a company’s reputation relies on the consistency of its positioning and its ability to establish a dialogue with all its stakeholders and society.

- Media Relations

- Internal communication

- Ambassadors program


Leadership & Impact

Because leadership must come from the company’s leaders, and is also function of their ability to share it with their teams within the company.

- CEO positioning

- Board Coaching

- Media Training


Online Reputation and Influence

Because a company’s communication strategy must be embodied by its leaders on social media, and because influence is gained through the validation of expertise by an engaged community.

- Leader Advocacy Program (Twitter + LinkedIn)

- Thought Leadership Program (Comex)

- Brand Content & Social Listening (Website + Social Media)

Responsibility & Commitment

Responsabilité & Engagement

Because a company’s responsibility and commitment do not come from its communication strategy, but from its purpose.

- Social purpose

- Purposeful CSR strategy

- Local activation and partnerships

The Team


WEMEAN is a leadership and communication consulting firm. It was founded in 2018.


Who we are

After spending more than fifteen years helping leaders and companies with their communication and influence strategies, we all shared the same goal and decided to create our company around it. We wanted to make CEOs’ words and companies’ actions more meaningful and impactful in a critical society that expects transparent, responsible and committed leadership.

We believed that the world had changed and that communication needed reinventing. We wanted to provide leaders with a new type of communication and leadership consulting, more attuned to our society’s challenges and expectations.

Over the years, we have developed many expertises and methods hand in hand with our clients. We support companies at all stages and for the whole or for part of the implementation of our programs


Guillaume Jubin

Clément Reyne

Frédéric Latrobe


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Our Partners

Responsibility X Technology

We are convinced that a renewed communication approach needs to rely on two pillars: commitment and technology. Commitment is at the roots of leadership, it is what lends a leader’s actions meaning, impact and fosters progress in society. Nowadays, technology is the prerequisite for influence and efficiency: digital expertises give visibility to leaders’ actions and increase the impact of companies’ communication strategies.


We share the same ambition

We created an ecosystem of technological partners, which allows us to address companies’ challenges through innovative methods and tailored propositions.

Raison d’Être X Concertation

Toguna releases collective talent thanks to large-scale consultations.

Together, WEMEAN and Toguna help companies create meaning collectively, thanks to company-wide consultations. Concertation is at the heart of our Corporate Purpose Program.

Leaders X Advocacy

Amazing Content turns company leaders into influencers on social media thanks to AI.

Together, WEMEAN and Amazing Content develop tailor-made digital strategies, in order to turn business leaders into ambassadors of their company in society.

Communication X Analytics

Codex creates lexical profiles of companies by capitalising on their textual data and leveraging AI.

Together, WEMEAN and Codex aim to develop communication analytics to create data-based communication strategies, as well as measure and increase their impact.


We support them

WEMEAN is a company with strong commitments, not only because it is a responsible company but also through the personal involvement of each of its partners in supporting actors that foster global, cultural and social progress.


We work together to address all of our clients’ challenges