Public Affairs Leadership

Society and elected representatives now expect more transparency and commitment from their leaders. That’s why companies need to renew their strategies in order to better defend their positions before public authorities.


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We believe that companies can no longer limit themselves to representing their own interests. They must become key partners for public authorities, in order to better defend their positions while contributing to society.


Our vision

In order to become key partners for public authorities, business leaders and companies need to be able to defend their positions in public, locally and in society, by leveraging a triple leadership:

Leadership in expertise, so as to become key players that convey information and suggest solutions to public authorities.

Leadership in transparency, so as to legitimise the defense of their positions before public authorities by demonstrating an exemplary and responsible conduct.

Leadership at the local level, so as to anticipate opinion trends and local issues and adapt their strategies accordingly.


The 3 phases of the Public Affairs Leadership


Our approach

WEMEAN supports companies in the definition and the implementation of their public affairs strategy:

By COMBINING its expertise in public affairs and digital influence, in order to strengthen the company’s message and better anticipate opinion trends.

By FEDERATING new ecosystems from civil society around the company, so as to better advocate for its positions before public authorities.

By DEVELOPING the company’s local anchorage, to guarantee the sustainability of its activities in the field.


The 3 pillars of the Public Affairs Leadership