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Faced with the new expectations of society, the raison d'être of a business becomes the condition for meaning, action and performance of companies. It is an expression of the usefulness of the company, which is now essential for recruiting and retaining talent, creating a relationship of trust with its customers and support for all of its stakeholders. It guarantees the consistency and impact of the company's strategy over the long term.

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Notre raison d'être

Purpose according to WEMEAN

The raison d'être has become a necessity to create adhesion around any business project, to attract talents as much as to retain customers: it is no longer possible to initiate a strategy or a project without it define a raison d'être - its WHY ?.


We are convinced that the raison d'être is the condition of the impact of companies in society. Because it is meaningful and meets the expectations of new generations of talent and consumers, it also creates value.

The purpose of a company is a lever of attractiveness, competitiveness and performance for companies. It responds to the challenges of the economic environment and of the world of tomorrow.


The purpose is to recruit and retain the millennials, and the talents of tomorrow, who make the sense of their contribution within society and their impact within companies the sine qua non of their involvement.


The reason for being allows to give a broader horizon to the leaders and to all the teams to transform the enterprise in depth by creating adhesion around a shared ambition.


Today, society expects companies to commit themselves in a deep, sincere and consistent manner in all dimensions of their activities. The raison d'être is the cornerstone of this commitment.

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Notre raison d'être

Our beliefs

WEMEAN supports companies, organizations and institutions to bring out their raison d'être. This exercise links the past and the future of the company through its values and identity. To be meaningful and create value, the formalization of the raison d'être is based on:


A maieutics exercise conducted with the management team, the fruit of a proven methodology, which becomes the vector for strong positioning. This is the condition for the raison d'être to embody a long-term vision.


A company-wide concerted process - sequenced and channeled - that helps build consensus, the foundation of a new shared culture. This is the condition for the raison d'être to embody the collective interest.


A platform of engagement which comes to concretize a new requirement of impact in the company, foundation of a new alliance between all the stakeholders. This is the condition for the raison d'être to be coherent and concrete.

Course of the purpose program


Notre raison d'être

Our approach

The formalization of the purpose is a powerful driver of business transformation and alignment of all stakeholders. The purpose cannot be decreed, it must emerge from the organization itself. This is the whole point of our approach and our working methodology. The WEMEAN method is based on 3 pillars:


A series of founding interviews with management and key managers to launch and embody the process.



An open and channeled consultation of stakeholders, which is not just a request for an opinion. Through a participatory process using a digital consultation platform, this enables a strong consensus to emerge within the organization.


A series of creative and inspirational workshops with identified interlocutors to bring out the raison d'être itself.