HappyIndex® AtWork 2022: WEMEAN accredited by ChooseMyCompany

The WEMEAN team
Label HappyIndex®AtWork | France 2022

At the end of 2021, WEMEAN launched with ChooseMyCompany its first internal ESG survey to participate in the HappyIndex® AtWork 2022 ranking.

With an overall score of 4.3/5, WEMEAN has been accredited "HappyIndex® AtWork 2022" by ChooseMyCompany.

We are delighted to share these results, which reflect the commitment of our team and the importance we attach to our human relations (HR) policy.

100% of team members find meaning in their work. An important score in our eyes, as WEMEAN places meaning and purpose at the heart of corporate strategy.

The HappyIndex® AtWork ESG approach

ChooseMyCompany's ESG HappyIndex®AtWork Reputation Program sheds light on the reality of the employee experience. Through an anonymous and certified internal survey, employees were questioned on 6 themes:

  • professional development,
  • management,
  • pride,
  • the working environment,
  • pay and recognition,
  • pleasure at work.

Discover the detailed results and certified employee opinions on the ChooseMyCompany website.

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