Purpose and mission:

Six months after its analysis of the SBF120, WEMEAN conducts a new study on the purpose and mission-driven quality of FT120 startups.

In this study :

  • A overview of FT120 and startup financing.
  • Key figures for FT120 commitment. 
  • A census of all startups with a mission, purpose or otherwise 
  • B Corp® certification and level of progress (fundraising, valuation, etc.).

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FT120 & Raison d'être : The necessary scale-up of positive impact!

Three years ago, the PACTE Act enshrined a clear economic ambition: to redefine the role of companies within society, to make them catalysts for the positive transformation of society!

Because they represent a breeding ground for French champions of international stature, WEMEAN decided to focus on FT120 startups. The aim is to offer a panorama of commitment among the nuggets of French tech, integrating specific criteria, specified in the dedicated notice.

FT120 startups are timidly venturing down the path of the purpose - and a fortiori of the mission-driven company. For example, 15 startups have defined a purpose, and 7 have written it into their articles of association... and gone all the way, becoming mission-driven companies.

Another criterion caught our eye: B Corp certification. Although only 6 startups are certified, the overall average score is very high.


This panorama leads us to recognize that there is still plenty of room for improvement. This is a source of confidence for the future: At WEMEAN, we're convinced that startups have an important role to play in the new global economy.

Thanks to our 6 speakers

Event : Impact in Tech

On Wednesday, October 12, at 7pm, at the Morning, - Cléry, WEMEAN organized its conference: "Is Tech on track for impact?" On the program:

  • Presentation of study findings and key figures
  • First round-table discussion with 3 VC fund partners
  • Second round table with 3 VPs of FT120 scale-ups
  • Exchange between guests and speakers

An AfterMovie of the event will be sent to registrants and anyone else interested in tech impact!

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Our methodology

In order to be able to produce an accurate presentation of the FT120 startups, we consulted the French Tech Next40/120 Promotion 3 #2022 database.

This is how we were able to enter information into the study, such as the sector and whether or not each startup belongs to the to the Next40 or FT120 in general, as well as the total amount of their fundraising, their series and their total valuation. For this study, we also carried out an in-depth analysis of FT120 startups' statuses, in order to identify their purpose.

Reasons to be: the FT120's interactive explorer

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