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Management & recruitment

WEMEAN's human relations (HR) and recruitment policy is based on three pillars: mentoring, management and career.

Our team is made up of talented individuals and experts with diverse and complementary backgrounds, who all share the same values and commitment in the face of global change.

Find out more about our human relations (HR) policy, our recruitment processes and opportunities to join our team.

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Join us

Apply directly from our page Welcome To The Jungle.

Each application is examined by the recruitment team, and WEMEAN is committed to responding to all applicants.

Our human relations policy

every step of the way at WEMEAN


Arrival & integration

There are no second "first impressions". That's why it's essential to support each new employee as he or she integrates into the team. On-boarding is a crucial stage, which concerns all employees (whatever their status or position).


Careers at WEMEAN

WEMEAN wants to encourage the emergence of individual talent. That's why each employee can count on a "mentor" to help them progress and reveal their full potential. The milestones at WEMEAN are: project manager, junior consultant, senior consultant, manager, director and partner.


Leaving for new horizons

Leaving is part of a company's life cycle. That's why WEMEAN offers support to every employee when they leave the company. Off-boarding is personalized and adapted to each employee, to help them start a new stage in their career, whatever their status.

Our recruitment process

Unsolicited application, job offer, recruitment agency, recommendation by a trusted third party... WEMEAN is always listening, curious to discover new personalities who will enrich the team and contribute to the firm's development.

The recruitment of consultants, managers and directors is overseen by two members of the WEMEAN management committee.

Standard recruitment procedure :

  1. Review of all applications (CVs and cover letters)
  2. One-on-one interview lasting about an hour with two employees
  3. Exercise / case study adapted to the major expertise required by the position
  4. Appointment to define the challenges of the position
  5. Hiring proposal

To apply, go tothe recruitment area.


WEMEAN regularly recruits on an internship or work-study basis. As full members of the team, internship/part-time project managers play an active role in client assignments and in the firm's development.

Standard recruitment procedure (approx. 1 week) :

  1. Review of all applications (CVs and cover letters)
  2. Individual interview with two colleagues (approx. 45 min) and written case study on site (approx. 45 min). - Allow 1h30 in all.
  3. Meeting with an employee to define the challenges of the position
  4. Internship/ternship hiring proposal

Profiles sought: Bac +4/5/6 in philosophy, literature, political science, information science, public affairs, corporate communications, investment strategies, innovation management.

To apply, go tothe recruitment area.



4 reasons to be there

Reason 01.

Working at WEMEAN is an opportunity to join a team whose main value is trust. This encourages autonomy, the expression of know-how and access to a high level of customer contact.

Reason 02.

WEMEAN has been awarded the HappyIndex® AtWork label, and has a fully-integrated human relations (HR) department to support everyone in their day-to-day work (pay, leave, rights, etc.).

Reason 03.

With " WEMEAN Inside", the firm defends a philosophy of "possibilities": each employee benefits from the mentoring policy in the conduct of a personal project intrapreneurial & autonomous project at the service of the collective.

Reason 04.

Committed to the development of each individual's talent, WEMEAN supports ongoing training and has set up the " WEMEAN Campus " to encourage the sharing of experience and expertise.

And what motivates our employees: