📰 Readings #RaisondÊtre: 500,000. Happy anniversary. Reason to act.

The WEMEAN team

📈 The figure to remember: 500,000 employees.

With an increase of 24% between the first and second half of 2021, France now boasts 200 mission-based companies employing half a million people. What is the profile of these companies in terms of size, sector and location? Novethic answers them!

🎂 PACTE Act: 2 years on!

The time has come for a progress report on the PACTE Act, two years after its adoption. This is the purpose of the second report by the PACTE law monitoring and assessment committee, published on September 30 by France Stratégie.

🧭 From raison d'ĂȘtre to raison d'agir!

To move from the "why" to the "how", it is necessary to train and involve all employees on a daily basis. Once the "why" has been defined and understood, the question of "how" becomes paramount. The article in Echos provides us with some enlightening information on this subject.

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