Team press release | Takfarinas Chabane joins WEMEAN as Managing Director

The WEMEAN team

Press release
Paris, Wednesday, July 7, 2021 

Takfarinas Chabane

Takfarinas CHABANE joins WEMEAN as Director, in charge of the firm's "strategic consulting and impact investing " expertise. 

Takfarinas CHABANE joins the WEMEAN consultancy team, where he will be working with clients on executive advisory assignments, focusing on strategy, purpose, transformation andimpact investing. 

Takfarinas will be in charge of developing a new consulting offering for major groups and family businesses, as well as start-ups/scale-ups, venture capital funds and other investment structures. This offering will focus on supporting the evolution of the finance function, the implementation of impact investment policies and growth strategies fueled by the commitment of companies to society. 

The arrival of Takfarinas is in line with WEMEAN's determination to provide ever-better support to corporate management in the new challenges linked to responsibility, commitment and impact on society, in the service of their economic, social and environmental performance. 

WEMEAN now boasts a unique, expanded consulting offering, covering all the strategic and operational dimensions needed to take into account the changes and new expectations of both the business ecosystem and society as a whole. 

WEMEAN positive® consulting is now organized around three complementary areas of intervention, fromstrategic decision support to operational implementation within organizations, based on the mobilization of all stakeholders:  

  • WEMEAN Decisions: raison d'être and mission, strategic project and new forms of governance 
  • WEMEAN Transformations: rationale, change management and impact investing 
  • WEMEAN Commitments: public affairs, communications and training

About Wemean

WEMEAN was born of a new vision of consulting: positive consulting. Our firm is aimed at managers and organizations who want to lead their teams in a more meaningful direction to generate a positive impact, and thus contribute to moving the company forward with society. 

WEMEAN is a collective of personalities and experts with solid experience in executive consulting. It is also a partnership that combines personalized customer support, structured methods and proven technologies to meet the challenges of companies and their managers in all their dimensions, in France and abroad.  

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