Maxime De Pinho

Senior Consultant

Senior Public Affairs Consultant at WEMEAN, Maxime began his career in politics, working at the French National Assembly as a parliamentary aide. His academic background, rooted in political science and general administration, was rounded out by training in national and European public affairs at the Institut Catholique de Paris. This training was the springboard that enabled him to plunge straight into the world of public affairs.

His experience as a parliamentary assistant at the French National Assembly gave him a valuable insight into the mechanisms of public decision-making and strengthened his expertise in parliament.

Maxime De Pinho joined WEMEAN in February 2021 as a project manager, then consultant, before taking on the role of senior consultant in July 2023. He has made a name for himself in executive consulting, using his knowledge of political and institutional issues to develop public affairs strategies.

His day-to-day mission is to guide executives in their influence strategy, optimize his clients' positioning and anticipate political trends to maximize their impact in a dynamic institutional landscape.

Passionate and dedicated, Maxime is committed to helping companies become truly influential players in public decision-making.

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