Supporting change

Support and involve general and operational management so that they become active players in implementing the raison d'être.

To be transformative, to create value for the organization, and to have legitimacy both internally and with stakeholders, the raison d'être must be operational, i.e. it must be translated into actions implemented by the organization's business lines and support functions. 

It's a compass that guides all the organization's stakeholders, and everyone contributes to it through their actions.

Our method

give raison d'être its operational and transformative dimension:

the roles of each individual, governance, departments and business units in the implementation of the raison d'être.

the raison d'être into a plan of objectives and concrete actions at every level of responsibility.

of its long-term managerial execution.

its impact through new monitoring indicators and KPIs.

4 steps

Personalized support for each department.

Organization of a master-class seminar: to get all employees on board and share a global vision with management teams.

Work with each department to translate the raison d'être into operational terms.

Operational action plan (i) structured around measurable objectives, (ii) validated by management and (iii) presented to COMEX.