In the age of all media, there are many transmitters, and messages are increasing exponentially. Attention has therefore become a rare commodity. 

To make their mark in the media, executives need to offer a clear and audible vision of their company's place and role, and capitalize on their expertise.

The boundary between internal and external communication is increasingly blurred in the digital sphere, and managers must now embody their company's raison d'être at all times.

To ensure a long-term vision, their actions and discourse must be anchored in the company's values.

The Digital Leader program

Communication has given way to conversation. The success of a digital influence strategy now hinges on its embodiment by the leader, his or her ability to put forward a certain vision of the future and mobilize an entire community around him or her.

Today's society expects companies to make a coherent commitment to all aspects of their business. It expects managers to provide real leadership, based on their ability to put their actions into perspective, to project themselves into the future and to imagine the role of their company and their sector in society.

Today's managers need to embody their company's raison d'être on social networks, not only in the eyes of their employees, but also in the eyes of society as a whole. They must be able to demonstrate their understanding of social issues through their company's raison d'être.
Thanks to semantic analysis, we can base our positioning strategies on data and multiply their impact. Thanks to social listening, we can anticipate new trends. Thanks to AI, you can amplify your community on social networks.

Personalized support
and a turnkey solution for managers

Semantic analysis

  • Corporate lexical territory
  • Lexical mapping of the sector


  • Benchmark
  • Market Vision
  • Value proposition
  • CEO Positioning


  • Definition of editorial line
  • Identification of target communities
  • Setting up e-influence platforms


  • Design and Validation
  • Content production


  • Forum/Media
  • Blog (SEO/SEA)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Leader Advocacy
  • Social Listening

Our approach

WEMEAN's Digital Leader program is based on a combination of communication analytics, the production of high value-added content, and the technological means to make it available and promote it on professional social networks.


WEMEAN's Digital Leader program is based on 4 complementary action plans

allows you to position your company on a strong theme, to increase your influence and federate a qualified and committed community around this theme.

makes the manager the ambassador of the company's raison d'être, to increase its visibility and notoriety on social networks.
enables us to design and support long-term editorial content production to strengthen our company's position in its sector.
relies on the detection of weak signals on social networks to anticipate new trends and stay one step ahead.