Team press release | Maxime Rassion joins WEMEAN as Corporate Business & communication consultant

The WEMEAN team

WEMEAN is delighted to welcome Maxime Rassion back to the team.

At the end of his year's work-study program, Maxime went on to study for a Specialized Masters® at ESSEC. He joins WEMEAN as a Corporate Business & communication consultant. Find out more about his career :

Maxime Rassion

Maxime Rassion

Corporate Business & communication consultant

Maxime Rassion is a communicator. With a background in political science and marketing, he has combined two concepts to serve a single purpose: the image of a brand and its leaders.

Passionate about human relations, he has contributed to various corporate and strategic communications campaigns. He has worked on the launch of start-ups as well as supporting elected officials (Senate and local authorities). After a stint in a Washington business law firm, he refined his training atESSEC and then at BETC (Havas) in strategic planning.

His career path culminated in a professional thesis on " The politicization of brands ". Having completed a work-study program at WEMEAN and worked on the subjects of raison d'être and commitment, it was an obvious choice for him to join the adventure of Positive Consulting®, a source of meaning and impact.

Aware of the need for WEMEAN to occupy the public arena in order to exist, he contributes on the one hand to the decision-making and knowledge-sharing missions. On the other hand, as a Corporate Business and Communications consultant, he is committed to promoting the firm's image to prospects and partners.

Don't hesitate to contact him if you would like our team to support you: [email protected]

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