An exclusive study of the SBF120: Raison d'être, a company with a mission: where does Paris stand?

Michel Germond
sbf120 exclusive WEMEAN study

Reasons to be: the SBF120 interactive explorer

SBF120 overview

Discover WEMEAN's ground-breaking study of the SBF120, cited in the report " Rethinking the place of business in society " submitted by Bris Rocher to Bruno Le Maire and Olivia Grégoire.

WEMEAN examined the articles of association of 120 CAC 40, CAC Next 20 and CAC Mid 60 stocks to identify the number of " raison d'être " companies within the meaning of article 1835 of the French Civil Code and "mission" companies:

📡 Projects to follow: Air France KLM SA and S.E.B. announced in their DEU 2020 that they had embarked on a project to formalize their raison d'être.

Methodological note. - We analyzed the bylaws of the 120 companies in the SBF120 index. Where no raison d'être is included in the bylaws or preamble, we checked the company's website, annual management report, DEU (document d'enregistrement universel) and CSR report / extra-financial performance. Failing this, we conclude with "Not listed".
Find out more about the raison d'être of companies according to WEMEAN.

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