Suez's raison d'être: "Shaping a sustainable environment, starting now".

On May 12, 2020, Suez unveils its raison d'être. By focusing on the economic and human development of its customers, the Group's raison d'être is part of the same transformation dynamic as the "Shaping Suez 2030" strategic plan drawn up at the same time, which reveals the Group's determination to become the world leader in environmental services by 2030.

Although Suez's raison d'être is not yet enshrined in its articles of association, this question is likely to arise in the coming months, as the Group seeks to consolidate its raison d'être using indicators to measure its commitments.

A non-statutory raison d'être that deeply permeates the company

" With expertise built up since the end of the 19th century, SUEZ helps men and women to constantly improve their quality of life, while preserving their health and supporting economic development.

We work to ensure that everyone has access to essential environmental services. We provide quality water, adapted to each use, while preserving this common good. We recover wastewater and transform it into new resources.

Faced with demographic growth, climate change and social and geographic inequalities, populations are increasingly exposed to the consequences of the environmental emergency affecting our planet. SUEZ is committed every day to preserving the essential elements of our environment: water, land and air, which guarantee our future.. SUEZ is committed to preserving and restoring natural capital, and thus the future of biodiversity on land and at sea.

As a committed partner to local authorities, industry and citizens, SUEZ mobilizes stakeholders to make a success of the environmental transition, developing circular economy models and innovating to anticipate the demands of the future.

Proud of their professions and strong in their values, SUEZ teams in every region are shaping a sustainable environment, starting now.. "

A raison d'être co-constructed with shareholders and stakeholders

The raison d'être is the fruit of a participative approach at all levels of the Group. The result of a collective construction process initiated by the Board of Directors, it is the outcome of numerous exchanges and workshops with employees, stakeholders, expert panels and the Group CSR Committee.

General Manager Bertrand Camus presented the results of this work on May 12, 2020, which were validated by the Annual General Meeting after being approved by the Board of Directors.

A raison d'être that recalls the Group's original vocation of preserving the essential elements of our environment.

The May 2020 press release states that the raison d'être is intended to be " the marker of the Group's identity and a compass for the future." And that it also aims " to better explain to stakeholders (...) the contribution the company intends to make to all of society's major challenges."

Bertrand Camus, the Group's Chief Executive Officer, thus considers that the raison d'être is the " reflection " of the Group's vocation, whose " services are essential to quality of life, health, economic development and the creation of new secondary raw materials."

In an interview given to La Tribune (May 2020) as well as in his tribune on LinkedIn, Bertrand Camus asserts that the pandemic has " completely validated our raison d'être ", thus pleading for a green economic revival. 

As for Tiphaine Hecketsweiler, the Group's Director of Commitment and Communications, she considers that the raison d' être - by focusing on " the preservation of the essential elements of our environment: water, earth, air " - expresses " the Group's environmental and social utility ". She also reminds us that " the raison d'être must remain the compass, the course for our commitments, which will be made over the long term. "

From raison d'être to raison d'agir, the Group's partnership with SEN'EAU in Senegal, an example of positive-sum action.

"Acting now and for tomorrow" also means imagining and implementing new contractual forms with its customers and stakeholders, as the Group emphasizes in its raison d'être press release.Initiated in January 2020, Suez's partnership with SEN'EAU - a company managing the operation and distribution of drinking water in urban and peri-urban areas of the country - ensures access to quality water for all, service excellence and sustainable performance. In concrete terms, the 15-year leasing contract signed will ensure the supply of drinking water to some 7 million people in several cities, including Dakar. Innovation is also central to the contract, with the creation of a Center of Excellence and Innovation in the water sector in Dakar, and a partnership with the Franco-Senegalese Campus, universities and engineering schools, to ensure a truly influential force.