Raison d'être of AOC Ventoux: "United to share, protect and cultivate the summit of Life".

Ventoux AOC

United to share, protect and cultivate the summit of Life

A wine appellation whose vineyards are located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, in the heart of two Regional Nature Parks (Ventoux and Luberon),AOC Ventoux is a collective of committed winemakers, passionate about their craft and proud of the natural environment in which they practice it. The geographical location and micro-climate of Ventoux, with its medium altitude, sunshine and mistral wind, make it an exceptional wine appellation, recognized for the quality of its production. 

The first appellation of origin to adopt a raison d'être, AOC Ventoux's initiative expresses the coming together of all its stakeholders (cooperative wineries, independent wineries, merchants) around a shared set of convictions, at the heart of the human dimension of its terroir, and a plan of commitment for 2030. By defining its contribution through the concept of "living", the AOC affirms that the uniqueness and quality of its wines are fundamentally linked to the richness of its natural environment in terms of biodiversity.

The first reason for an appellation d'origine contrôlée

AOC Ventoux is the first AOC in France to adopt a raison d'être. The particular legal structure of the ODG syndicate, in charge of managing the AOC, rather than a company, makes it a notable exception that the Loi Pacte had not foreseen in inviting public and private organizations to adopt a raison d'être. Above all, this approach is an exception in the wine industry: by identifying its raison d'être, the AOC intends to strengthen its collective, differentiate itself and play an active role in the sustainable transformation of winegrowing .

The formulation of the AOC Ventoux's raison d'être is the result of a co-construction process that involved all AOC stakeholders. A total of 230 AOC stakeholders responded to an unprecedented consultation, and workshops with the AOC's governing bodies helped clarify the fundamental elements of the AOC's identity and commitments. 

AOC Ventoux has also set up an original governance body, the "Raison d'Être" advisory committee, responsible for monitoring the objectives and actions defined in its commitment plan, making recommendations on the implementation of this plan, and advising the appellation on the introduction of new initiatives. This body is made up of stakeholders who share the values and commitment of the AOC Ventoux, in particular local players.

"There's a virtuous balance between the richness of nature, the life of our territory and the quality of the wines we produce. We seek the perfect balance, the summit of the Living."

Frédéric Chaudière, President of AOC Ventoux

From raison d'être to raison d'agir

The AOC Ventoux's raison d'être is reflected in a plan of commitment for 2030 to the benefit of its stakeholders, its territory and its natural environment.

  • "Protecting living things": planting 30,000 trees on our territory, multiplying by 3 the surface area of natural or sown grass, taking part each year in the inventory of our territory's biodiversity;
  • "Reduce our impact and adapt to climate change": develop cartographic data (GIS) that integrate climate data, reduce the AOC's CO2 emissions by 30%, develop a glass deposit network with 300,000 bottles;
  • "Sharing and cultivating local life": partner 5 major local events, organize 2 skills transfer workshops each year on themes essential to the development of our appellation, systematically involve local players in all promotional events.