AfterMovie of the "Impact in Tech" event organized by WEMEAN on 12/10/2022

Maxime Rassion

Video review of WEMEAN's conference on "Is Tech ready for Impact?" at Morning Cléry on October 12.

The WEMEAN team is delighted to present the Aftermovie of our last conference on "Impact in Tech" at Morning Cléry, on October 12, 2022. During the evening, our guests attempted to answer the following question: "Is French Tech up to the challenge of Impact?" Many thanks to them for sharing their experiences and their availability.

A few words from our speakers!

A few verbatims from our speakers to help you understand that Tech can go even further to make an impact and serve society! :

"The appointment has passed, we're already late.

Audrey Yvert | Head of Impact at OpenClassrooms

"If we are on the verge of incremental transformations, we are not yet on the verge of breakthrough transformations that would require us to rethink our models based on planetary limits".

Lucile Brachet, Co-director of 50Partners Impact

"The sooner we get started, the cheaper it will be", "and in any case, from a regulatory point of view, we'll have no choice but to really get going".

Sophia Martin | Partner for Raise Ventures & Bettina Reveyron | Social Impact Lead at Doctolib

"The question of how to reconcile hyper-growth and impact is clearly on the table".

Guilhem Isaac George | VP Sustainability at Contentsquare & Sarah Corne | Partner at Founders Future


These questions echoed our latest study on "Raison d'être, mission et B Corp® dans le FT120", to be found on our dedicated page:

the consulting firm for committed companies

Cabinet du conseil positif®, WEMEAN is a new-generation management consultancy that puts meaning at the heart of organizational strategy. Its raison d'être is to " collectively [we], activate the meaning [mean] of corporate projects to contribute to a positive transformation of society ".

WEMEAN is the only firm that supports managers and organizations in their :

  • STRATEGIES (corporate project, vision and value proposition, purpose and mission, new governance),
  • TRANSFORMATIONS (support and operational deployment, strategic steering and implementation, human dynamics and managerial mobilization, impact investment),
  • and COMMITMENTS (communications, public affairs, complex issues, partnerships and concerted action).

WEMEAN has already worked with over 70 customers, includingOrange, Citeo, Keolis, Icade, Siemens, Suez, Groupe Rocher, Servair, PwC,AOC Ventoux and Groupe ADSN. The firm is accredited HappyIndex® AtWork 2022 by ChooseMyCompany, with an EngagementIndex score of 81.4, and relies on Mão Boa to translate its purpose into CSR policy.

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