Press release | Growth takes WEMEAN to new premises at 25, rue La Boétie

The WEMEAN team

Rue d'Amsterdam, avenue de l'Opéra and now rue La Boétie... Since it was founded in 2018, WEMEAN has gone from strength to strength. A new page in our history will now be written at 25, rue La Boétie (Paris VIIIe).

We moved into our new premises at the beginning of July to provide a new working environment for our steadily expanding team. In the first half of 2022, no fewer than five new personalities joined us - all united behind our raison d'être, whose philosophy is captured in our tagline: " Impact through meaning! ".

More space, more light, more rooms: the team has taken possession of a brand new workspace dedicated to collective success. We look forward to welcoming our customers and future colleagues.

A new page that's not just about new offices. At the end of 2021, we launched the ESG survey with ChooseMyCompany, which enabled us to be accredited HappyIndex® AtWork 2022. WEMEAN is one of 19 firms to have taken part in the exercise, and we're proud of it. The employee consultation process has now been extended to include trainees, to identify our levers for progress and contribute to the personal fulfillment of each individual.

A new page that puts the firm's social commitment at the heart of Positive Advice®. We are partners with the startup Mão Boa. With their team, we are structuring our own CSR strategy, to be proud to impact! Within this framework, our employees have proposed a number of projects for the sustainable use of our offices. First concrete action: we have just installed a connected electricity-saving assistant, Ecojoko, to contribute to the general effort to reduce energy consumption.

A new page, at last, is being written thanks to the enthusiasm of each and every one of us. The firm's growth is the result of the dynamism that drives our team, which has inspired WEMEAN's entrepreneurial and human project for the past four years.

The management is proud to be able to count on the members of the team, present, past and future. We are also proud to be able to count on the trust of our customers, who are the driving force behind our development.

We'd like to thank you all, and welcome you to 25, rue La Boétie!

impact through meaning!

Cabinet du conseil positif®, WEMEAN is a new-generation management consultancy that puts meaning at the heart of organizational strategy. Its raison d'être is to " collectively [we], activate the meaning [mean] of corporate projects to contribute to a positive transformation of society ".

WEMEAN is the only firm that supports managers and organizations in their :

  • STRATEGIES (corporate project, vision and value proposition, raison d'être and mission, new governance),
  • TRANSFORMATIONS (support and operational deployment, strategic steering and implementation, human dynamics and managerial mobilization, impact investment),
  • and COMMITMENTS (communications, public affairs, complex issues, partnerships and concerted action).

WEMEAN has already worked with over 70 customers, includingOrange, Citeo, Keolis, Icade, Siemens, Suez, Groupe Rocher, Servair, PwC,AOC Ventoux and Groupe ADSN. The firm is accredited HappyIndex® AtWork 2022 by ChooseMyCompany, with an EngagementIndex score of 4.34/5, and relies on Mão Boa to translate its raison d'être into CSR policy.

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