"The forgotten objective: to cooperate! Column by Sophie Chassat in Le Point

Sophie Chassat

Strengthen and revitalize the Global Partnership for Development. Cooperation, the heart of ODD 17. Excerpts from Sophie Chassat 's column in Le Point.

On September 25, the UN celebrated the 6th anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals, a reference framework that lists the major challenges facing the world today, for which governments and companies are called upon to act by 2030: no poverty (SDG 1),... reduced inequality (SDG 10), ... measures to combat global warming (SDG 13)...

The success of this international matrix is undeniable, and many companies now use it to define, manage and measure their commitments in terms of social and environmental contribution. [...]

One of the main obstacles to cooperation is the idea that if I cooperate, the other person might well be tempted not to... A mathematician, Anatol Rapoport, has come up with a simple solution to this problem.

The first step is always to cooperate - that's the presupposition - and then simply to follow the other's behavior: if he cooperates, I cooperate; if he betrays, I betray; if he re-cooperates, I re-cooperate, and so on. Punishment is immediate if the other doesn't cooperate, but forgetting is just as effective if collaboration is reactivated to serve a common interest.

An effective and pragmatic criterion for engaging the collective momentum that is more than ever necessary if we are to meet the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!

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