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For companies, raison d'être is the vector of meaning, action and performance. In a society faced with major and rapid upheavals that challenge companies about their place and role in shaping the future, raison d'être creates a horizon for both the individual and the collective. 

This horizon is that of the company's usefulness in line with its strategy.

Increasingly, this is where the key to recruiting and retaining talent lies, as well as building trust and stakeholder support.

The raison d'être
according to WEMEAN

The raison d'être has become the cornerstone of every business project.

The raison d'être is an essential foundation for any strategy or project, and a prerequisite for any company's impact on society.

Providing meaning and creating value for both the individual and the collective, it meets the expectations of new generations of talents and consumers.

The company's raison d'être is thus a lever for attractiveness, competitiveness and performance, helping to meet the challenges of today's and tomorrow's economic and social environment.

Raison d'être makes it easier to attract, recruit and retain talent, because of the importance it attaches to the meaning of its contribution to society and its impact on the company. For them, the horizon of a shared raison d'être is the sine qua non of their involvement.
The "raison d'être" enables managers and all teams involved in executive, functional and operational management to open up the field of possible transformations in order to develop the company in depth, in line with its strategy and corporate ambition.

Today's society expects companies to make a coherent, far-reaching, sincere and lasting commitment in every aspect of their activities, in the service of shared progress that goes beyond their corporate purpose and the production of their goods or services.


Our raison d'être is the main driving force behind this commitment.

Our beliefs

WEMEAN helps companies, organizations and institutions to identify their raison d'être. This exercise provides a bridge between the company's past and its future, notably through work on values and identity. 

To be meaningful, to create a real dynamic of transformation and to create value, the formalization of the raison d'être is based on :

A maieutic exercise carried out with the management team, the fruit of a tried and tested methodology, to reveal the company's positioning.


 This is the prerequisite for a raison d'être that embodies a long-term vision.

A company-wide consultation process - sequenced and channeled - to build consensus, the foundation of a new shared culture. This is the prerequisite for the raison d'être to embody the collective interest.

A commitment platform that embodies a new requirement for impact in society, the foundation of a new alliance between all stakeholders. This is the prerequisite for a coherent, concrete raison d'être.

the 4 tenses of raison d'être


Fundamental analysis


Initial consultation





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Our approach

Formalizing raison d'être is a powerful driver of business transformation and stakeholder alignment. Raison d'être cannot be decreed: it must emerge from the organization itself. This is the essence of our approach and methodology.

The WEMEAN method is based on 3 pillars:

A series of founding interviews with top management and key managers to launch and embody the approach.
An open and channeled consultation of stakeholders, which is more than just a request for advice. Through a participative approach based on a digital consultation platform, a strong consensus emerges within the organization.
A series of creative and inspirational workshops with identified interlocutors to bring out the raison d'être itself.

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