Team press release | WEMEAN grows & welcomes 4 new team members

The WEMEAN team

In full expansion, the WEMEAN team is delighted to welcome a new quartet.

This recruitment is invaluable and will enable us to meet our growth challenges. If you too would like to be part of the adventure, please don' t hesitate to apply. The WEMEAN project is unfolding month by month, thanks to our unfailing collective commitment. We're proud to introduce our new colleagues, more motivated than ever! Find out more about their backgrounds and motivations:

Marie Boully WEMEAN

Marie Boully

Project Manager

Marie's career path revolves around a single question: how can we redefine the role of business and its relationship with politics, in a rapidly changing society? So, after an academic training focused on the study of political humanities, coupled with experience enabling her to discover different levels of consultancy (public affairs, influence, strategy), it was quite natural for Marie to pursue her career as a project manager at WEMEAN, in parallel with her Master's degree in Finance and Strategy at Sciences Po Paris.

Alizée Chesnoy

Alizée Chesnoy

Senior consultant

Her experience as an advertising executive and corporate consultant has confirmed Alizée's conviction that, beyond economic performance alone, questions of meaning and impact must guide a company at every level & be accompanied by concrete, measurable and transparent actions.

It was at BETC that she began working on raison d'être, brand architecture, employer promise and communications strategies.

She joins WeMean in August 2022 to continue supporting companies in the development of projects that combine performance, commitment & responsibility and in their deployment through impactful & differentiating stories.

Émilien Gondet


Émilien is a social psychologist, specializing in opinion and consumer strategy. He deciphers current events and analyzes opinion trends. He is also an expert in carrying out qualitative and quantitative studies, facilitating creativity / Design Thinking workshops and assisting managers in defining and building brand platforms.

Convinced that companies have a major role to play in resolving systemic crises (economic, social, health and climate), he joined WEMEAN in 2022 to support those who make a commitment and propose concrete, measurable solutions.

He has previously developed consulting skills for startups and major groups on the subjects of raison d'être, brand platform, transformation, innovation, employer brand and branding.

Jeanne Rentet

Special advisor to Guillaume Jubin

Trained as an engineer in Digital Sciences, Jeanne joined the team during her gap year, in order to contribute to the firm's development. With her scientific background, and as former President of the ENSEEIHT Junior-Enterprise, one of the top 3 Junior-Enterprises in France, and consultant auditor for the CNJE, Jeanne applies an empirical approach to solving the problems she encounters. 

Jeanne works mainly alongside Guillaume Jubin, bringing to the firm the consulting experience she acquired through her involvement with Junior Entreprise.

impact through meaning!

Cabinet du conseil positif®, WEMEAN is a new-generation management consultancy that puts meaning at the heart of organizational strategy. Its raison d'être is to " collectively [we], activate the meaning [mean] of corporate projects to contribute to a positive transformation of society ".

WEMEAN is the only firm that supports managers and organizations in their :

  • STRATEGIES (corporate project, vision and value proposition, raison d'être and mission, new governance),
  • TRANSFORMATIONS (support and operational deployment, strategic steering and implementation, human dynamics and managerial mobilization, impact investment),
  • and COMMITMENTS (communications, public affairs, complex issues, partnerships and concerted action).

WEMEAN has already worked with over 70 customers, includingOrange, Citeo, Keolis, Icade, Siemens, Suez, Groupe Rocher, Servair, PwC,AOC Ventoux and Groupe ADSN. The firm is accredited HappyIndex® AtWork 2022 by ChooseMyCompany, with an EngagementIndex score of 81.4, and relies on Mão Boa to translate its raison d'être into CSR policy.

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