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The priority is to ensure a positive way out of the crisis, in line with your stakeholders' expectations.

Turning weakness into strength: crisis strategy means transforming sensitive issues into opportunities for corporate development. A successful crisis depends on management's ability to manage a new temporality, to show that they are living up to their responsibilities and in tune with society's expectations.

This is why WEMEAN offers crisis strategy consulting based on three operational programs: Foresight, Resilience & Confidence.


An open dialogue

More than ever in times of crisis, society expects companies to create the conditions for discussion with their entire ecosystem (social, economic, political, etc.).


The need for sincerity

While transparency is essential, it is not enough on its own: a clear and humble message of proof is needed to ensure a high level of trust on the part of all stakeholders.


A project for the future

Exiting the crisis must be the priority, but for the exit to be a positive one, the company needs to propose a sensible, engaging project for the future, for which the crisis is the catalyst.

Our expertise
of crises

As specialists in management consulting, WEMEAN's staff have assisted numerous companies faced with crises and risks of all kinds. With WEMEAN Engagements, the firm puts its expertise at the service of crisis strategies integrated into your corporate project.

Stakeholders are mobilized in the face of the high risk of " washing " of any kind, and in particular with the creation of the "raison d'être" in law: green washing of course, but also fairwashing, femwashing, pinkwashing, etc .

When commitments are not kept, the risk of being targeted in a Name And Shame (administrative, judicial or militant) requires a response that combines immediacy and the long term.

And this risk is just as present when the actions are not known: " You do it well? Let it be known! 

Our starting point is to establish the organization's good faith and combinehonest communication with positive transformation.


WEMEAN helps organizations define the "crisis communication" component of regulatory measures (POI, Internal Mobilization Plan, White Plan, etc.) for sensitive facilities and activities, whatever the impact: human, environmental, health or economic.

WEMEAN offers a series of seminars on the theme of " industrial risks" & "health risks.

Our starting point is to master the technical underpinnings of our customers' activities, to make them clear and comprehensible to all stakeholders.


Reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, disposals, redundancy plans, collective performance agreements, receivership: WEMEAN's staff work alongside legal and financial advisors for a wide range of organizations facing social and financial challenges.

Our starting point: whatever the situation, WEMEAN works with its customers to clarify the meaning of the project and organize a genuine dialogue between stakeholders.

License-to-operate can be affected by public decisions. They can create restrictions, liberalize sectors or regulate new activities. Crisis public affairs is therefore aimed at organizations of all sizes:

  • startups and scaleups,
  • SMEs, ETIs, large corporations,
  • professional associations.

Our starting point: a solid political culture combined with a mastery of institutional mechanisms, parliamentary law and legislative drafting, to make a positive contribution to the enactment of standards.


Reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis, the digitization of the economy is often reflected in an upsurge in cyber-risks: computer attacks, infrastructure threats, but also visual or auditory espionage. Training in the use of digital tools is the cornerstone of any cyber crisis strategy.

Our starting point: assess the level of acculturation to digital issues and sensitivity to risks, to support the organization's digital transformation.


Organizations operating in the B2C sector are exposed to crises, sometimes of innocuous origin. A misinterpreted word or a clumsy act can at any moment lead to an escalation of tension and media coverage. Social networks are a formidable catalyst, capable of turning an isolated event into a risk to an organization's reputation and integrity.

Our starting point is to identify the circumstances and facts, and assess the level of tension, so as to initiate a calm, appropriate and constructive dialogue - with the aim of turning a "bad buzz" into an opportunity to enhance the organization's positioning.


Excellent WEMEAN 2022 crisis

Our programs


"How to turn crisis and sensitive issues into the source of positive transformation?"

The aim is to avoid unpreparedness, so as to be able to face a crisis calmly, using appropriate methods and tools.

WEMEAN provides support at all levels of a company to help it deal positively with a crisis. This consulting approach can be applied to the definition of a raison d'être, a strategic project or the management of change.

WEMEAN offers executives and Crisis Managers:

  • operational level,
  • stress test,
  • risk audit,
  • crisis seminars, 
  • political & media training,
  • external relations plan 
  • crisis simulation.


Objective: to benefit from a dedicated team, reactive and experienced in crisis management.

Are you facing a crisis? WEMEAN offers 24/7 strategic and operational consulting based on responsiveness and human support for your teams:

  • strategic consulting and positioning,
  • editorial team,
  • watch device,
  • support for institutional relations (administration, elected representatives),
  • media relations support.

In a crisis, it is essential to address all stakeholders through a transparent and open dialogue with :

  • internal staff/audiences,
  • customers & partners,
  • political leaders,
  • administrative authorities,
  • the media & the general public.

WEMEAN's advice is based on objectives geared towards a positive way out of the crisis. The "aftermath" is a crucial stage, which must be prepared from the very start of the crisis.

Objective: harness the transformative potential of a crisis & turn it into a positive organizational asset.

If a crisis puts the company's strategic project to the test, it can shake (or destroy) trust, commitment and the quality of relations with employees, stakeholders and the authorities.

The expertise of WEMEAN Decisions & WEMEAN Transformations enables us to support organizations in the "aftermath ", from the end of the crisis (feedback) to the operational implementation of change:

  • purpose, mission & governance,
  • operationalizing the raison d'être,
  • change management.

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