Team press release | Welcome to Quentin Allard, Harold Brieckler & Lucas Fonrose

The WEMEAN team

The WEMEAN team is delighted to welcome three new project managers to the firm: Quentin Allard, Harold Brieckler & Lucas Fonrose. Discover their career paths:

Quentin Allard

Public Affairs Officer

A project manager at WEMEAN, Quentin ALLARD cultivated his taste for public affairs, law and the business world. Convinced of the need for the latter to adapt to the new challenges raised by a fractured society in search of meaning, he turned to positive advice for managers. 

Thanks to his multi-disciplinary and international academic experience, he has developed a strong sense of adaptability and a keen interest in subjects relating to public policy and brand development. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in "Governance and Politics" at the Sciences Po campus in Le Havre, he studied European and international law at the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, before embarking on a master's degree in European Public Affairs at Sciences Po. 

Harold Brieckler

Harold Brieckler-Richert

Head of Mission , Communication & Transformation

Inspired by his professional experiences in institutional environments as well as in strategic sectors such as energy and robotics, Harold is convinced that raison d'être is the essential foundation for redefining a more sustainable and responsible business model for companies.

As Project Manager at WEMEAN, he uses his analytical and communication skills and his international profile to promote the positive impact of global business. 

Lucas Fonrose

Lucas Fonrose-Uhl

Mission statement & raison d'être Impact Investing

Lucas combines his experience of impact and investment issues with his love of public affairs to help WEMEAN meet the challenge of giving meaning to the new role of business. 

In addition to his training at business school and the IEP in Paris, he draws on his literary research to fully grasp the challenges inherent in public and private communications.


Collectively, activate the meaning of corporate projects to contribute to a positive transformation of society. WEMEAN was born of a new vision of consulting: positive consulting.

Our firm is aimed at managers and organizations who want to take their teams in a more meaningful direction to generate a positive impact, and thus contribute to moving the company forward with society. WEMEAN is a collective of personalities and experts with solid experience in executive consulting.

WEMEAN's consulting offer is built around three areas of expertise: Decide/Lead Your Purpose - Do/Activate Your Purpose - Share Your Purpose.

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